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Offering: 50.00 ₨

Aadiagamathil Aaviyanavar

Offering: 80.00 ₨
This book will change the lives of those who read with open heart and released in them the spirit of worship abundantly. You will definitely experience immersurable power of worship in your lives.


Offering: 120.00 ₨
Apostles are the need of the hour all over the world

On the foundation of apostles and prophets, the Church is
established (Eph.2:20)

  • You might be an apostle and not know it
  • You might know your...

Apostalarai Ellupum Andavare

Offering: 120.00 ₨
  • Do you want to overcome your fleshly temptations and desires?
  • Do you want to hear the Voice of Almighty God?
  • Do you want to walk in the Spirit...

Arputhavasal Anniya Bhashai

Offering: 150.00 ₨
Christuvukul Anudhinam unnai paar - II

Christuvukul Anudhinam unnai paar - II

Offering: 150.00 ₨
Christuvukul Anudhinam unnai paar - III

Christuvukul Anudhinam unnai paar - III

Offering: 150.00 ₨
Christuvukul Anudhinam unnai paar - I

Christuvukul Anudhinam unnai paar Part 1

Offering: 60.00 ₨
Do you long for a ministry of Signs and wonders?

Do you long to be a bondage breaker and devil driver?

Do you long to see in the Spirit into the supernatural realm?

This book will inaugurate your miracle ministry!...


Offering: 50.00 ₨

Ennagamathil Aaviyanavar

Offering: 120.00 ₨
  • Your life is precious! Your life is unique!
  • Your life has an eternal calling and purpose!
  • You are a creature of destiny, not of destruction!
  • You are made to thrive, not just to survive!
  • Get your...

GET A LIFE! preferably your own

Offering: 50.00 ₨

Health Attain it! Maintain it! (Tamil)

Offering: 120.00 ₨
Your times of hurts and pain is over!

Jesus came to give you life in all its fullness!
  • Do you suffer under strained relationships?
  • Do you feel your inner life is choked by people?
  • Do you struggle...

How to Break Ungodly Soul Ties?

Offering: 120.00 ₨
In this book you will learn

  • How to control your thoughts
  • How to change your life by literally changing your brain
  • How to achieve perfect mental and physical health
  • How to discover and...

How to Maximize Your Brain? (TAMIL)

Offering: 60.00 ₨
Jebame Jeevan Authored by Dr.V.Ezekiah Francis

Jebame Jeevan

Offering: 120.00 ₨
Is it possible to attract our Beloved God?

Is it possible to attract the hearts of servants of God?

Is it possible to attract everyone towards us?

It is possible, says our achiever – the charming...

Kavarthilikum Deiva Manushan

Offering: 120.00 ₨

  • Are you in constant bondage and oppression?
  • Are you unable to control your tongue, temperament and thoughts?
  • Are you suffering unexplainable sorrows, sicknesses and sins?
  • Are you a victim...

Kodura Sabhangalai Muriadipathu eppadi

Offering: 50.00 ₨

Laviyagamathil Aaviyanavar

Offering: 60.00 ₨


Offering: 50.00 ₨
In this book, you will learn to conquer the health hazards of our modern lifestyle.
You will learn how you can easily prevent deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart attack.
You will find out the most health-promoting things...

Nooyatra Vaalve Kuraivatra Selvam

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