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Offering: 120.00 ₨
  • Is it possible to attract our Beloved God?
  • Is it possible to attract the hearts of servants of God?
  • Is it possible to attract everyone towards us?
  • It is possible, says our achiever –...

Attracting God and Man

Offering: 60.00 ₨
  • Do you long for a ministry of Signs and wonders?
  • Do you long to be a bondage breaker and devil driver?
  • Do you long to see in the Spirit into the supernatural realm?


Offering: 10.00 ₨

Five Secrets of Power Walk

Offering: 120.00 ₨
  • Your life is precious! Your life is unique!
  • Your life has an eternal calling and purpose!
  • You are a creature of destiny, not of destruction!
  • You are made to thrive, not just to survive!
  • Get your...

GET A LIFE! preferably your own

Offering: 50.00 ₨

Health Attain It! Maintain It!

Offering: 50.00 ₨
In this book, you will learn to conquer the health hazards of our modern lifestyle.
You will learn how you can easily prevent deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart attack.
You will find out the most health-promoting things...

Health Your Most Precious Asset

Offering: 120.00 ₨
  • Are you in constant bondage and oppression?
  • Are you unable to control your tongue, temperament and thoughts?
  • Are you suffering unexplainable sorrows, sicknesses and sins?
  • Are you a...

How to break Cruel Curses?

Offering: 120.00 ₨
Your times of hurts and pain is over!

Jesus came to give you life in all its fullness!
  • Do you suffer under strained relationships?
  • Do you feel your inner life is choked by people?
  • Do...

How to break ungodly soul ties?

Offering: 120.00 ₨

How To Excel In Worship

Offering: 120.00 ₨
In this book you will learn
  • How to control your thoughts
  • How to change your life by literally changing your brain
  • How to achieve perfect mental and physical health
  • How to discover...

How to Maximize your Brain

Offering: 120.00 ₨
You Are Wanted! You are needed! You are God's only hope for the nations! The Whole creation eagerly waits for you! As Jesus is, so are you in this world!

Like Jesus

Offering: 10.00 ₨
Nation in your hands Author:Dr.Ezekiah Francis

Nation in your hands

Offering: 60.00 ₨
Prayer the Vital Breath of Life Author:Dr.Ezekiah Francis

Prayer the Vital Breath of Life

Offering: 120.00 ₨
Apostles are the need of the hour all over the world

On the foundation of apostles and prophets, the Church is
established (Eph.2:20)

  • You might be an apostle and not know it
  • You might know your...


Offering: 450.00 ₨
A Bible based Spirit inspired Prophetic Daily devotion. Do you long to see God's explosive power daily in your life? Do you yearn to lead a daily supernatural lifestyle? Do you crave to see God's nature daily flourish in you? This book...

See Yourself In Christ Daily

Offering: 120.00 ₨
  • Do you want to overcome your fleshly temptations and desires?
  • Do you want to hear the Voice of Almighty God?
  • Do you want to walk in the Spirit...

Tongues - Wonderway to wonderworld

Offering: 60.00 ₨
Is your true Soul mate somewhere out there? Definitely. will you find him or her? I Sure hope so. Will he or she be willing to tir=e the knot? that depends entirely upon YOU!

Toward Marriage

Offering: 60.00 ₨
In this book, we delve deep into the life and ministry of Peter from a prophetic perspective. This is not an analytical research study of Peter. God desires to use you more than you desire to be used to Him. We witness the transformed lives of...

Vessel for the Master's use

Offering: 120.00 ₨
  • Who is a Prophet?
  • What is the ministry of a Prophet?
  • What is the role of a Prophet in the Body of Christ?
  • What is meant by...

Where are the Prophets?

Offering: 60.00 ₨

Why Marriage




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