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Dearly Beloved of God,

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

What a joy to celebrate God’s faithfulness together in the last month of this year 2017. You, the new creation, have enough light in you to lighten the entire universe. You are truly the light of the world (Mt.5:14)! You can dispel darkness wherever you find it! You bring light to your home and to your entire world. The darkness around you, no matter how dense it may be, can never overpower you or dim your light even a bit! Don’t sit and wail over the darkness or the powers of darkness. Simply rise up to your position and rebuke all works of darkness (Eph.5:11). Send your light through prayer and praise! Design your life according to God’s Word! Fill your life with the Holy Spirit and SHINE!

At present, we have 358 precious ladies from 19 different states of India and from United Kingdom and Dubai for our 12th batch of the School of the Holy Spirit for Ladies (L-SOHS). We experienced powerful mass deliverances and many inner healings. The strongholds satan was building in their minds were destroyed by Jesus Christ, the living Truth. By God’s grace, all students are experiencing a deep work of the Holy Spirit in their lives and enjoying days of heaven on earth. Pray that every one of them may go from here totally liberated in spirit, soul and body and do a powerful work for Jesus in their respective places.

We have Leadership Training School for Brothers and Couples from January 19th to February 23rd 2018. We organized this school specially for senior ministers and leaders who cannot leave their responsibilities for full three month. If you have a desire to enter another level of anointing and ministry, this school is for you. You will definitely see a greater level of glory in your ministry after attending the school.

Our Apostles and Prophets seminar is from 19th to 23rd of February. If you are an apostle or a prophet or you have a calling to become an apostle or prophet, this seminar is for you. Come and be blessed.

We are praying and planning for the next phase of our ministry in the coming years. God has promised to give the best professionals to work with us for His Kingdom. Pray and be a part of it. Continue also to pray New Testament commentary work.

From November 30th to 2nd December, we will have our Prayer Conference in our Poondi Campsite. This conference is open for all. Our nations need our prayer like never before. The spirit of prayer and intercession will be released from your life and change your nations.
Remember our families, counselors, leaders, and office staff in Poondi and our Chennai Headquarters in your prayers.

May the Lord use you mightily in this End Time harvest and empower you to face all your challenges victoriously. We wish you a very joyful and happy Christmas!

Your brother in Christ,



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